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Traditional Install: $125
Max 4 bundles, net and cut and style

Lace Closure Install: $175
Max4 bundles, net and cut and style

Frontal Install: $250
Max 4 bundles, net and cut and style

Flipover Install: $160
Max 4 bundles, net and cut and style

Highlights: $10 Per foil.
Color and shampoo only

Quick Weave (Traditional): $100

Quick Weave (Lace Closure): $120

Quick Weave (Frontal): $175

Micro-Link Braid-less Install (5-10 Installs): $150

Micro-Link Braid-less Install (11 or more installs): $200

Micro-Links Braid-less Touch-up: $75

Specialty Ponytail or Bun: $75

Styling: $30

Lace Wig Application: $125

Specialty Twist-out: $60

Specialty Rod Set: $65

Touch up: $50
Shampoo tighten and style

U-part wig: $100
Construction and style

Lace Wig: $200
Construction and style

Frontal Wig: $300
Construction and style

Relaxer leaveout of sew in: $20
Includes relaxer touchup of leave with a sew in

Relaxer retouch with style: $75
New growth 2 inches or less, includes flat iron or curl

Virgin relaxer with style: $100
Starting price dependant on thickness and length of hair includes flat iron or curl

Silk press with trim relaxed hair: $50

Starting price includes shampoo

Cut and Style: $75

Add On- Shampoo: $20

Add On- Detail Cut: $30

Add On- Deep Condition: $20

Add On- Relaxer Leave Out: $20

Silk press with trim natural hair: $75 (Starting price, includes shampoo)
– Add style: $30 (Curls or press)
– Cut and style: $75 (Shampoo, cut, then style)
– Add shampoo: $20 (Includes blow out)
– Add cut to service: $35 (Bob or short cuts or heavy layers)
– Add bundle: $20 (Each bundle starting at $5)
– Add trim to service: $15 (Ends of hair only)
– Add blowout to service: $10 (For damp hair or to stretch curly hair out before braiding)


If ordering hair please have hair in hand before booking your appointment
Walk-ins not accepted unless stated otherwise
Group or location bookings please email
Late fee: $1 PER MINUTE
Starting at 10 minutes, $1 per minute. 45-minute maximum
Cancellation 24-hour notice in order to be refunded deposit!